Glass-Lined Reactors

Zibo Chemical Equipment Plant

Magnachem Contimont, represent one of the world class manufacturer and supplier of glass-lined chemical equipment and water treatment chemicals in China, Zibo Baotang Chemical Equipment Co. Ltd, providing high professional quality chemical equipment, as well as the advanced project necessary scheme for users worldwide.

We provide not only a series of glass-lined equipment but also a lot of stainless steel, Titanium-lined, Rubber-lined, Teflon-lined chemical equipment and accessories for mechanical seal, Motor & Reducer etc, paying more attention to innovations and progress of Science & Technology, promoted products with better development.

Glass-Lined Reactor 500 liters

Glass-lined reactor
Glass-lined reactor

Nozzle Table

Sign Normal size Connect size standard Connect form Use
a ADg80 PNO. 6 HG / T2105-91 Flat Flush
a1-3 DN32 PN1. 0 HG 20592-97 RF In/outlet
c ADg150 PNO. 6 HG / T2105-91 Flat Handhole
d ADg100 PNO. 6 HG / T2105-91 Flat Agitator shaft
e BDg70 PNO. 6 HG / T2105-91 Flat Thermometer pocket
f1-2 ADg80 PNO. 6 HG / T2105-91 Flat Sight glass
g BDg100 PNO. 6 HG / T2105-91 Flat Spare
h BDg125 PNO. 6 HG / T2105-91 Flat Spare
m G1/2″ TT24 – 79 Inner screw Vent

Technical Parameters Table

Item Shell Jacket
Max. working pressure Mpa 0.4 0.6
Max. working tempareture C 200 200
Design pressure Mpa 0.4 0.6
Design temperature C 200 200
Actual volumne m3 0.588
Heat-exchanged area m2 13.2
Welding head coefficient 0.85 0.85
Corrosive allowance mn 2 1
Vessel class II
Motor power 3Kw
Reducer type
Pressure diferent of shell & jacket 0.6MPa

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