From complete reactors for capital projects to replacement or upgrade parts for maintenance, our service group can complete your plant installation project. Typical installation includes:

  • Reactor
  • Mechanical seals, drives, agitators or complete mixing systems
  • Reactor accessories – including valves, instrumentation, dip pipes or baffles Reactor overhead borosilicate process systems – including condensers, columns tanks, decanters and piping
  • Completely assembled modular process systems – including reactor, column and evaporation systems

Our technicians provide complete glass lining inspection services to ensure that your reactor is in proper condition for safe and efficient operation. Services include:


Glass Thickness Measurement and Recording – Thickness measurements taken on a regular basis allow the corrosion rate of a glassed part to be monitored, enabling time to failure to be predicted and therefore allowing planned change outs to be carried out.

  • Glass Integrity Checking – This ensures that there are no areas of the glass where product can come into contact with the under lying steel substrate, as this can cause corrosion of the steel substrate and prevent safe operational conditions.
  • High Voltage Spark Testing – We use the latest generation of high voltage spark testers which can be used repeatedly on the glass without causing damage, unlike the older types of spark tester.
  • Conductivity Testing – Conductivity testing allows the integrity of the glass lining to be measured without the need to do a confined space entry.


All Magnachem Contimont appliances are automatically covered by a Warranty for 6 months from the date of purchase. During this time we will repair any defect that arises due to faulty materials or workmanship free of charge provided that the parts are fitted by an authorized engineer.

If during the Warranty Period, the appliance becomes irreparable, we will exchange the defective product with a replacement appliance at our sole costs. The Warranty on the replacement product will continuously run from the original purchase date of the original product.


Surfactants, Oleochemicals, Industrial Chemicals, Glycol Esthers, Amines, Water Treatment Chemicals.